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Hintons Discretionary
Fund Management

With the current financial climate as it is, DFM's are becoming more attractive for assisting with client portfolios. Please feel free to talk to us about our DFM service and the benefits of this being part of your advice process to both you, the IFA and your clients.
With Hintons DFM you will outsource:
Risk profiling, due diligence, asset allocation, on-going monitoring of performance and rebalancing, thus reducing your workload, de-risking your business and creating more time for writing new business.
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Hintons DFM


Are you advising anyone with a UK pension who now lives abroad as an expatriate and is eligible to transfer their existing pension provision into a QROPS? Then talk to us about our Discretionary Fund Management Service which operates on the basis that every client should have access to a DFM, irrespective of the size of their QROPS portfolio.
Hintons principally supports STM QROPS/Bonds, Sovereign QROPS and Royal Skandia Bonds.

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Hintons QROPS Bonds

It is common place to use offshore bonds for competent financial planning and also as the wrapper product inside a QROPS pension.

We at Hintons have our own bespoke STM/Hintons DFM QROPS Asset Bond, please log in to find out more.

Offshore Bonds

About Hintons

Hintons offer a DFM service to IFA’s that no longer wish to be the asset allocators for their client portfolios. Our DFM service is run by our choice of Investment Manager and we select them from the vast range available i.e. UBS, Brookes McDonalds etc, who we assess principally on their continuing success in running our clients portfolios.

Hintons DFM have a range of services that will suit all clients investing in QROPS and/or bonds,platforms, wrapper and taxation vehicles worldwide.

Niche DFM

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I have used a selection of Hintons choice of investments over the years and I continue to have the same amount of trust with their current choice of DFM and other investment vehicles they have on panel.
Tim Santry - A founder of The Lighthouse Network PLC
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